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Work in progress

The Promises of Digital Bank Accounts for Low-Income Individuals (Submitted), with Bridget Hoffmann, Camilo Pecha and Diego Vera-Cossío.

Maternity Leave Benefits and Informality, with Elizabeth Jaramillo.


Climate change’s impact on real estate prices in Chile, with Facundo Luna and Carlos Madeira.

PLOS Sustainability and Transformation, 2022. 

The impact of climate change on economic output across industries in Chile, with Carlos Madeira.

PLOS ONE, 2022.

Association Between Assistance With Medicaid Enrollment and Use of Health Care After Incarceration Among Adults With a History of Substance Use, with Marguerite E. Burns, Steven Cook, Lars M. Brown, Laura Dague, Steve Tyska, Cici McNamara, Ryan P. Westergaard.

JAMA Network Open, 2022.

Other publications

The Cost-Effectiveness of Air Pollution Information Provision Programs, with Bridget Hoffmann, Cristobal Ruiz-Tagle, and Alejandra Schueftan.

Inter-American Development Bank, 2021.

Evidencias del Impacto de la Factura Electrónica de Impuestos en America Latina, with Juan Robalino. In Electronic Invoicing in Latin America, edited by Alberto Barreix and Raul Zambrano.

Inter-American Development Bank, 2017.

How does Avancemos work? Best practices on the implementation of Conditional Cash Transfer Programs in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Inter-American Development Bank, 2016.

Conditional Cash Transfer Impact Evaluation: An Evaluation of the Costa Rican Secondary Education Program Avancemos with Catherine Mata.

Revista de Ciencias Económicas, 2015.


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